LG 75UV341C 75" infonäyttö + 3v onsite takuulaajennus

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Tuotekoodi: 75UV341C_BUNDLE
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LG 75" UHD infonäyttö + 3v takuulaajennus kaupanpäälle - Rajoitettu erä

Erittäin laadukas 75" UHD (4K) infonäyttö jossa myös TV-viritin. Bundlessa mukana 3v vaihtotakuu laajennus.
Soveltuu 16/7 käyttöön. Mukana pöytäjalusta. Stereo kaiuttimet. Wifi, LAN, Miracast, Smart share, screen share


LG Commercial 75UV341C - 75" Luokka - UV341C LED-televisio - hotel / hospitality - Smart TV - webOS - 4K UHD (2160p) 3840 x 2160 - reunavalaistus. VESA 600x400
Mitat: 157 x 97 x 36 (jalustan kanssa)
Paino 35.5 kg
Takuu 3v

Liitintyyppi: Sarjatulo - takaosa 
Verkko - takaosa 
Digitaalinen äänilähtö (optinen) - takaosa 
HDMI - takaosa 
Palvelu - takaosa 
Kuulokkeet - takaosa 
2 x HDMI - sivu 
USB 2.0 - sivu

LG 75UV341C 75inch Signage TV incl + 3years on-site swap De/Re-wty

4K Upscaler

Enjoy Full HD content in ULTRA HD quality. The 4K Upscaler automatically upgrades Full HD content to ULTRA HD through the six steps of the upscaling processes.

Compatibility with AV Control system

The LG UV341C series is compatible with AV control system, with which users can easily manage, monitor and control LG commercial displays from one location.

DPM (Display Power Management)

From now on, you can configure the DPM (Display Power Management) function by setting the function to on. When there is no signal, the TVs enters to DPM mode to manage power efficiently.

WOL (Wake on LAN)

WOL (Wake on LAN) helps you remotely turn on TVs over the internet. Connect TVs and a PC in the same network, and send Magic Packet program to the MAC addresses of registered TVs. Then, it will wake up the TVs via LAN port.


SNMP (Simple Network Management Protocol) ensures convenient network management for SI and business managers.

RS-232C Control

Via the TV's RS-232C port, you can remotely control power and volume settings simultaneously

Smart Share & Screen Share

Guests may use LG Smart Share features, such as Wi-Fi Direct®, as well as Screen Share features, including Miracast, WiDi, and DIAL to view content from their mobile devices on the large HD screen.

Bluetooth Sound Syn

This feature allows guests to listen to audio from a Bluetooth-enabled mobile device through the TV’s speakers.

Hotel Mode

From channel selection to volume setting, you can control the TV settings in all the rooms with Hotel Mode. Prevent misuse by customers, set volume limits, or reset settings to default for any TV. You are in control of it all.

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